Pangburn International Executive Succession Planning services provides advice to organizations as they prepare for a shift in leadership at the top.  Often times, as an organization prepares to fill an opening in their top staff position, they have yet to plan for succession in a thoughtful and timely way.  Before the transition is eminent, re-evaluation and reflection should be done as a preliminary step prior to moving into a full blown executive search effort.   Review of mission, organizational values,  and challenges and opportunities could be carefully examined.  The net result of successful executive succession planning is a holistic look at the necessary executive skill sets, experiences, and personality required for the next executive to meet the demands of  future.


Specifically we:


  • Conduct an in-depth due diligence exercise that determines where the organization is today and where it might be tomorrow.

  • Provide a CEO position description based on the experiences/knowledge necessary and the skills sets needed for the future executive.

  • Provide a blueprint plan and timeline on how to best structure an executive succession plan that seamlessly moves from one leader to the next with the  least amount of disruption and the greatest level of positive organizational impact.


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