Kirk Adams

President & CEO of the American Foundation for the Blind

Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind - Whitman College

As President and CEO of the American Foundation for the Blind, Kirk Adams '83 guides efforts to improve the lives of blind and visually impaired people nationwide.

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Gail McGovern

CEO of the American Red Cross

​Facing Disaster After Disaster, the American Red Cross CEO Stays Optimistic  - NYT October 2020


When Gail McGovern took over the American Red Cross in 2008, the organization was running a deficit and tarnished by scandal. But after more than a decade on the job, Ms. McGovern is still CEO, and the Red Cross is busier than ever.

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Wendy Pangburn's Zoom Interview Tips

We are in a new age of recruiting, as a great deal of hiring will occur via Zoom interviews. Sadly, the in-person interview may be pushed out for months, or even become a thing of the past. Here are tips and tricks to ensure you put your best "virtual foot" forward.


Wendy Pangburn serves as the Executive Director of the Women's Commission

About: America's Women's History Initiative

Intro to the US Congressional Commission

For more information:  www.amwh.us

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House passes bipartisan bill to create women's history museum

The House easily passed legislation on Tuesday to establish a women's history museum in the nation's capital as part of the Smithsonian Institution. The bipartisan 374-37 vote marked the biggest step yet of the decades-long effort by the House Oversight and Reforms Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney to build a women's history museum along the National Mall.

Congress takes crucial step toward establishing Latino and women's history museum

After years of commissions, reports and hearings, two proposed museums dedicated to American Latino and women's history moved a step closer to reality. "This is a big day," said Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a member of the Senate Rules Committee. Klobuchar predicted that she and her committee colleagues would remember the vote when the museum opens.

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Congress authorizes Smithsonian museums focused on American Latinos and women's history 

The omnibus bill calls on the Smithsonian to begin the lengthy process of creating the National Museum of the American Latino and the American Women's History Museum by giving the quasi-federal institution permission to hire staff members, collect objects and present programs aimed at telling the stories unique to the groups.